About us

Our Firm

Founded in 1994 by Peter Kunz, Georg Schima, Thomas Wallentin and Eberhart Wallentin, Kunz Schima Wallentin (KSW) pursues on goal as a full-service law firm: The best possible solutions for our clients.

Our employment law practice focuses on providing reliable and precise expertise, which is driven by a passion for law and a goal to provide the best legal solutions for our clients. We offer a unique approach when working for clients, whereby we work in smaller teams, in which the trust relationship between the client and attorney-at-law can be established.

To ensure we are consistently providing the best legal solutions of our clients and meeting our high standards, we devote time to the continuous development of our professional skills. We are not only committed to learning, bus also sharing our knowledge. All lawyers of KSW contribute to the professional discourse by publishing and teaching on a regular basis. A lot of us teach law at universities. 

Ius Laboris

KSW actively participates in the global alliance Ius Laboris which allow our company to broaden our expertise through an international exchange of ideas. We can provide solutions for a range of legal matters, including the most unconventional issues of our clients

Ius Laboris is the world’s largest alliance of law firms specialising in employment and human resources includes members from all over Europe, USA, South America, Russia, Asia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Currently, we are the only exclusive Austrian member.