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SCHIMA MAYER STARLINGER attorneys-at-law is an internationally minded business law firm.

We define ourselves as a modern legal service provider. We do not confine our services to pointing at legal risks, but always aspire to find economically viable solutions for our clients' business ventures. Our particular strength is the diversity of our team's background. We provide advice in almost all fields of business law, with a particular focus on the following areas.

Ius Laboris

SMS actively participates in the global alliance Ius Laboris which allow our company to broaden our expertise through an international exchange of ideas. We can provide solutions for a range of legal matters, including the most unconventional issues of our clients

Ius Laboris is the world’s largest alliance of law firms specialising in employment and human resources includes members from all over Europe, USA, South America, Russia, Asia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Currently, we are the only exclusive Austrian member.